Smoking Cessation Reinforcement MP3’s – A Resource for Professional Hypnotists (2 MP3’s and 2 Scripts)



Smoking Cessation Reinforcement Sessions

Two MP3’s you can share with your clients

(with printable scripts so you can even record your own)

A lot of people ask me, “What CD’s do you give your clients as a reinforcement after a smoking cessation session?”    Well to be honest, most of the time I just email them the files, so that way they can download it to their smart phone and listen anywhere. This makes it more likely they will follow-through.

I never record the actual session.  Aside from privacy concerns, the suggestions I give in a live session are for that moment. When they leave the office they are a non-smoker. They do not need the same suggestions over and over again. The CD or files I give them have a different purpose- to help them develop skills in this new chapter of life.

I also do not give long recordings to clients. The goal is compliance and daily repetition. If I give them a 32 minute session, no matter how good, few clients are going to take three and a half hours a week to practice. Sure I wish they would, but it is not a realistic starting point.

So what do I give my clients?   I give them two files. The first is a short 7-minute hypnosis session, to keep centered and focused on their goals. The second is a three minute mindfulness based session, designed to teach a very specific skill  that can help them overcome anything.

Do you want these two recordings? 

Better yet, would you like to give them to your clients?

I have recorded these files without my name. They are just professional produced generic hypnosis recordings. I am making this available to you, with a license that permits you to give unlimited copies to the clients you work with in professional hypnosis. You can email the files, you can burn them to a CD and you can give them to your clients, just as I give them to my clients.

You will also get two printable PDF scripts. You can use these to create your own CD’s if you would like, or use them as part of your resource library during sessions.

The original purchaser is granted unlimited license to distribute these files electronically or burned to an audio CD for the purposes of providing client care. These files may not be upload to the internet, given or sold as part of any online or self-help product.