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The Seven Most Effective Methods for Fears, Phobias, Panic & Anxiety

Step-By-Step Training in Ending Anxiety, Panic, and Fear…… Complete Protocols to Become Your Regions Go-T0 Expert!

This is a comprehensive ICBCH certification course in the specialty niche anxiety, fear, panic and phobias. It gives you the step-by-step structures and techniques to end anxiety, promote health, reduce stress, and transform life.

Hypnotists who become experts in anxiety become hypnotists who get referrals, produce results, and live more successful lives. Are you ready to learn the seven most effective methods for anxiety-related hypnosis?

Why This Course Is For You?

Anxiety is at the root of almost every major chronic illness!

By offering services to stop panic, fear, anxiety and phobias you will be alifeline that transforms lives.

Do you have anxiety and fear?

This course is amazingly practical. The contents will help your clients, but the resources will probaly change your life as well. I use these strategies and have for over 30 years.

This course addresses specific techniques for anxiety realted problems

So that you can produce rapid results. I often see clients for three to six sessions. The results are seen by them in the first session. By the time they complete thier last sessions, they have tools that can last a lifetime.

Comprehensive training

This is a course with over 18 learning modules! You will get many downloadable resources.

I will show you how to end anxiety and panic in one session, and then build on that success to anchor lasting change. The techniques in this course include bilateral stimulation, kinesthetic approaches to anxiety control, skills-management approaches to hypnosis, contextual hypnotherapy and more. You will get complete demonstration sessions, start to finish and see exactly what I do with my clients.

You can split your payment into four equal monthly payments by clicking here.

Register to download both the video and the printable script of this 42-minute session called, “Turn Stress into Joy”

Generalized anxiety, restlessness, and insecurity

Social anxieties and self-confidence

Fears and phobias

Mass panic and 24/7 news fatique

Panic attacks

Developing emotional intelligence

Insecurity based in fear

Financial panic and fear

Stress cycles

Fears with roots in PTSD and trauma

This is a multi-part online learning experience. A comprehensive approach to working with clients. I will give you my tried and tested methods, my processes and protocols, my scripts and patter.

This resource will  more than 10x pay for itself with your first new client!

Different people have different needs

This course will address both the physical aspects of anxiety and the mental aspects of anxiety. You will learn what works and what does not work. You will learn skills to train clients, the structure of therapy, and how to solve underlying emotional and physical problems.

You need more than one strategy!

There are seven specific strategies offered in this course, each can be used independently or “layered” in a multi-session protocol. I will share with you my business model, and how you can generate referrals by stopping anxiety.

Online hypnosis and coaching.

More and more people are doing hypnosis online. One of the demo sessions will model doing a full start-to-stop anxiety hypnosis session online. You will get the video and the printable PDF transcript.

White-lable resources.

I am also including multiple  audio/video sessions based on hypnotic anxiety relief you can give to your clients. These do not have my name or my contact info. They are professionally produced. You can give these to every client you work with as a resource to help them live thier best and reinforce the learning you provide in your hypnosis sessions.

This resource will  more than 10x pay for itself with your first new client!

The best part? People are looking for hypnotists specializing in anxiety!

People search for anxiety and hypnosis on Google, they want self-hypnosis techniques you can teach them, and they know that one of the primary uses of hypnosis is overcoming anxiety. There is no more effective way to get over fears and anxiety than NLP and hypnosis.

Are you ready for new clients? 

I am going to share how I created a profitable niche doing hypnosis for anxiety. Once you become your regions expert, you will become the go to referral for other professionals.

Complete this course and get ICBCH Specialty Certification

As a “Certified Sleep Hypnosis Specialist” complete with a printable and frameable certificate of completion.

The pathway to success
with self hypnosis begins with this course.

Change Your Life. Change Others. Change the World.

Dr. Richard Nongard

HPTI Executive Director

This picture was taken in a Lisbon Cafe when I flew to Europe to visit my son! I look pretty rested, don’t I? No anxiety, no fear and no panic. Feeling my best helped me create a lifelong memory of that day in the cafe.

Course Contents

** These are the resources I provide to my clients to produce lasting results **


I will give you printable scripts you can adapt


I will give you a variety of interventions for any “cause” of anxiety.


I will give you white-label resources you can give to your clients.


I will share with you the strategies I have used to book anxious clients in my practice.


Are you in? Add to your cart and checkout today to make sure you get this great course at a great rate.

In all, there are over 18+ video talks, 3 complete hypnosis session video demonstrations, the anxiety assessment forms, transcripts, and PDF’s of all sessions.  This course pays for itself with your first new client!

Upon completion of all course materials, you will be eligible to earn an ICBCH Certificate of Completion




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