Write Your Own
Panoramic Hypnosis Scripts

Master the Art of Personalization in Hypnotherapy

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July 8

12:00 Noon - 2:00 pm
Eastern Time

(Class is recorded for those who cannot attend real-time)


No two clients are the same, and generic scripts simply don't make the cut anymore. Unleash your creativity and expertise with our one-day course on "Write Your Own Panoramic Hypnosis Scripts". This course is designed to give you the tools to tailor your sessions to the unique needs of each individual you serve, making every session more impactful and memorable.

Panoramic scripts are scripts use direct and indirect suggestion, speak to every client's representational systems, and integrates processes based on effective therapy. 

The scripts you will learn to craft in this course address clients holistically, completely, and from multiple perspectives!


Understanding how to write your own hypnosis scripts isn't just a skill - it's a game-changer. This course equips you to seamlessly blend processes from ACT Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, NLP, and Cognitive-Behavioral Hypnotherapy into your scripts. As you learn to create these powerful, personalized scripts, you're providing a more targeted, responsive, and transformative therapeutic experience for your clients.


Unique Client Needs:

No more grappling to find scripts that sort-of-fit your client's unique needs. Instead, you'll learn to write scripts that perfectly fit the bill, addressing their specific issues, histories, and goals. Customized therapy becomes your new norm.

Instant Structure:

I will teach you the most effective structure for direct and indirect hypnotic suggestions. This structure becomes your blueprint, ready to be used for any issue, any time. Forget spending hours developing a script; with my step-by-step plan, it becomes an effortless, fluid process.


With this powerful toolkit at your disposal, you'll walk into every session with the confidence of knowing you can address almost any issue with ease. No more feeling under-prepared or overwhelmed - you're ready to handle anything your client brings to the table.

Imagine an endless source of bespoke scripts tailored to any topic. As part of this transformative course, you'll gain FREE access to our "Infinite Script Generator". This tool offers you comprehensive, word-for-word scripts on ANY topic, ensuring you never run out of inspiration. There are literally an infinite number of issues you can address with the online script generator, and they can become your foundation for crafting unique scripts that meet the specific needs of your clients.

Fear of frogs? No problem!
Emetophobia? No Problem!
Fear of bridges in the rain? No Problem!
Better putting? No problem!
ICBCH Certificate of Completion

If you can think of something someone needs help with, you will be able to craft the perfect script to use as a foundation for techniques and hypnotic suggestion.


Become part of this revolutionary movement. Join us on July 8, 2023, from 12:00 p.m to 2:00 p.m EASTERN time for this transformative online course. Open to participants worldwide, this course is the second in the ICBCH Summer School Series.

Empower your hypnotherapy practice and enhance your client experience. Click the "Register Now" button to secure your spot today. The earlier you register, the more time you have to enjoy the limitless possibilities of the "Infinite Script Generator".

It's time to revolutionize your practice and take control of your clients' therapeutic journey. Let's write the future of hypnotherapy, one script at a time.

You will have unlimited access to the Infinite Script Generator from the day you register until 30 days after this class is over.

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