It's My Birthday but YOU get the Present!

Every year on my birthday, I try to give away something cool, so I create a Lucid Dreaming hypnosis recording you can use for better sleep, and to learn how to be the director of your own dreams!

I even had a transcription company transcribe it, so you get the printable script also!

How to get it? Just tell me where to send the access instructions, and you will get access links in your email box right now!

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreams are dreams were we have an awareness that we are dreaming. This gives you more vivid dreams, better recall, and even lets you direct your dreams!
When you learn to direct your dreams, you gain:

Better insight into your subconscious creativity
Better recall of nighttime dreams so you can use them in dream analysis hypnosis
This recording doubles as a method of deep sleep hypnosis
The recording also teaches the MILD method (mnemonic induction of lucid dreams) of eliciting vibrant, resourceful, and fun nighttime lucid dreams!

Do you want access? It’s free today.
Just tell me where to send your recording!

You can listen online (I created a relaxing video to go with it), you can download the audio file to any device for ongoing nighttime relaxation, and I included a printable script so you can bring these ideas to your own session.

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