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Master the art of resolving emotional conflicts and helping clients gain profound self-awareness with our step-by-step training and complimentary hypnosis script.


Are you a hypnotherapist looking to expand your toolbox and offer your clients even more powerful and effective techniques? The Empty Chair Technique, a cornerstone of Gestalt therapy, can be seamlessly integrated into hypnotherapy sessions, providing clients with a unique and immersive experience that fosters emotional healing and self-discovery.

What's Included

This tutorial and downloadable script will teach you exactly what you need to know about incorporating the Empty Chair Technique into your hypnotherapy practice. With Dr. Richard Nongard’s expert guidance, you'll discover:

Learn what the Empty Chair Technique is and its origins in Gestalt therapy
How to adapt the technique for use in hypnotherapy sessions
Strategies for guiding clients through the visualization process and imaginary dialogues in hypnosis
Methods for facilitating emotional expression and processing during the session

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Learn a proven method for helping clients resolve emotional conflicts, improve communication, and enhance self-awareness
Increased client satisfaction as you guide them through profound emotional healing and personal growth
Access a downloadable and printable outline and hypnotherapy session script


As a special bonus, we're offering a FREE downloadable hypnosis script based on the Empty Chair Technique in hypnotherapy! This professionally-crafted script will guide you step-by-step through the entire process, providing you with a valuable resource to use in your practice.

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