Master the art of
hypnotic anchoring:

The Key to Make Hypnosis "Stick"

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July 15

12:00 Noon - 3:00 pm
Eastern Time

(Class is recorded for those who cannot attend real-time)

How long do hypnotic suggestions last? They can last FOREVER when structured correctly using anchoring as a strategy.

I had my first experience with hypnosis 40 years ago. The anchor that was set, is an anchor I still fire today! It made a profound difference in my life.

Do you often worry if the change you inspire will stick around long enough to create a meaningful difference? At the core of these concerns lies a powerful tool - hypnotic anchoring - that ensures long-term change.

Imagine being a confident and effective hypnotherapist whose treatments make a lasting difference, who clients can count on for lasting change, and who is continuously referred by satisfied clients for their exceptional service. Do you want to master this essential skill?

Creating lasting change...

This comprehensive course will not only equip you with the exact methods that have created long-term change in clients - from decade-long smoke-free lives to sustained weight loss - but also give you the unique process of anchoring change that ensures it sticks!

These are the actual methods I use with my clients, not just a theory. This course offers you a first-hand understanding of how to successfully employ hypnotic anchoring.

What can you accomplish?

Our three-hour online training will help you master:

Creating and using realistic anchors.

Anchoring using only verbal post-hypnotic suggestion.

Creating lasting change through time distortion and future pacing.

Using conversational language patterns to encourage long-term change.

Tapping into the most powerful part of subconscious recall.

Developing into a more powerful, confident, and successful hypnotist.

As a result, you'll be able to confidently deliver lasting change, empowering your practice and creating a ripple effect of success.


Enroll in this Hypnotic Anchoring course now and start making a significant, lasting impact on your clients’ lives.

Discover the secrets to your own success as a hypnotherapist and enjoy the benefits of long-term referrals from satisfied clients.

Your journey to becoming a confident hypnotherapist, instilling lasting change, starts here!

Remember, lasting change in your clients' lives translates to a lasting change in your professional success. Don't let your clients leave without being anchored for lasting change. Make the change today, for them and for you.

Register Now - Class is on July 15 from 12:00 NOON Eastern time to 3:00 pm Eastern Time. Class will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.

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