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Hypnotic Dream Exploration

How to Use the 5-Star Dream Analysis Method with Hypnosis to Discover New Ways of Problem-Solving
So That You Can Maximize Your Success in 2023!

This Class is $27.00

8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time (5:00 pm Pacific)

January 02, 2023

The whole event will be recorded, so if you pre-register you will have full access to the replays and the resources after the event. Join now to make sure you get your spot!

The software I use to host meetings limits the number of participants. Make sure you get your spot so that you can start 2023 with new ideas, and new plans, and new goals.

When Your Register I am Giving You My 
"Understanding Your Dreams" Printable Workbook
As a Bonus. You can access it right now by registering!

You spend a third of your life asleep, much of it dreaming. The epic creativity of your dreams is amazing, but the amazing part is that creativity comes from within your own mind. By Analyzing Your Dreams You Find The Resources Within to Solve Any Problem

What if you could harness the power of dreams,
to make your wake life just as amazing
as your night time self?

Dreams are weird.

But more importantly, they represent untapped creativity, you can bring to your real world.
Do you want to learn how to use your nighttime dreams to make your daytime life better? To change habits, or change behavior, or step into new emotions? The possibilities are endless!

In your dreams you can do almost anything!

You can run as fast as a plane, you can jump as high a tree, or even discover true love when its been elusive in your real life. But it’s a metaphysical principle that anything that exists in reality had to be an idea first. In this workshop I am going to teach you how to use your dreams as an idea to create abundance and use the power of dreams to make your life unstoppable!

But what about nightmares?

What about scary dreams, falling dreams, or distressing dreams?

Two things: First, you always wake up. This a valuable lesson from dreams. That there is safety on the other side. Reframing nightmares can change distress into new perspectives.

But more importantly, we can use self-hypnosis to take control of our dreams, to reduce distressing dreams an increase creative dreams that motivate us to take new actions.

Not dreaming? A lot of people think they never dream. The science show shows the opposite is true and I want to show you how you can remember the dreams you didn’t think you had because there is power in those dreams that you are missing out on!

Do you want to learn about dreams? About dream analysis? Join new to learn the 5-Star Dream Analysis Method and discover three ways to jumpstart your real life with the subconscious power of your dreamlife...

How to remember your dreams
How to discovery the meaning of your dreams in your waking life
How to use self-hypnosis to become the director of your own dream life.
How to help others by helping them understand thier dreams.
How hypnosis can create a bridge between the sleeping state and the waking state and help catapult the power of the subconsious right into the active part of your life!

This class is a great way to kick off the New Year!

The class is January 2 because I want you to kick off the New Year with new strategies! The best part?

Use these transformational ideas in your life and then share them with your family, your friends, and your clients in professional hypnosis, coaching, and therapy.

Here are the details:

The Online Class is $27.00

It will be Monday, January 2 from 8:00pm Eastern Time to 9:30 pm Eastern Time (5 pm Pacific, Monday in Australia and Asia). 

We will record the whole event, and if you miss the event you can catch the replay in full 24/7 after the event!

BONUS: You will get this

You will get an ICBCH Certificate of Achievement for Attending
You will get my free dream resource workbook that you can print and use as a guide to transforming your life, remembering your dreams, and putting your dreams to work.

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