BIdirectional hypnosis:

The Two-Way Strategy
for Deeper Hypnotherapy

ICBCH Summer School

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August 12

12:00 PM - 3:00 pm
Eastern Time (9:00 am Pacific time)

(This course is recorded for those who cannot make the date!)

Do you want to learn the methods that holds the potential to exponentially enhance your hypnotherapy practice, infusing it with unprecedented confidence and client engagement?

Are you a practicing hypnotherapist feeling constrained by traditional methods, or nervous about the prospect of your client "popping out" of hypnosis?

This course is designed to empower you, pushing you beyond these limitations and arming you with a powerful two-way communication strategy that revolutionizes your sessions.

Hypnosis Should be Active not Passive!

Our transformative 3-hour live training on Zoom breaks free from the old paradigm of the hypnotist simply talking to a person who has closed eyes the whole time. Instead, it introduces a groundbreaking dialogic rapport that starts from the induction phase, carries through suggestive therapy, and extends into post-hypnotic suggestions and future pacing.

More Confidence = More Hypnotic Power!

Joining this groundbreaking course, you will reap significant benefits that amplify your confidence and client engagement at every level:

Acquire proficiency in idiomotor communication, deepening your understanding of clients' subconscious responses and enhancing your confidence in handling complex client emotions and thoughts.

Unveil the technique of fractionation to induce deeper states of hypnosis, boosting the effectiveness of your sessions and your confidence in your hypnotherapy skills.

Adopt in-session rehearsal techniques that reinforce therapeutic suggestions, enabling your clients to achieve their goals more effectively, thus improving client engagement and satisfaction.

Overcome fears and hesitations to foster active two-way communication that invigorates your sessions, deepens your client's response to hypnotic suggestion, and enhances their engagement.

Join us:

August 12

12:00 PM - 3:00 pm
Eastern Time (9:00 am Pacific time)

In just three hours you will master:

The Two-Way Induction Technique: This strategy teaches hypnotherapists how to initiate an engaging two-way conversation right from the induction stage. This will enable the hypnotherapist to establish a deeper rapport and trust with the client, increasing the effectiveness of the therapy.

Idiomotor Communication: The hypnotherapist learns how to interpret non-verbal signals or movements made by the client in response to suggestions. This will provide deeper insights into the client's unconscious mind, enhancing the therapist's understanding and approach.

Fractionation: This strategy involves bringing the client in and out of the hypnotic state, deepening the trance with each cycle. This will help the hypnotist guide the client to profound levels of relaxation and receptivity, increasing the impact of therapeutic suggestions.

In-Session Rehearsal Techniques: The therapist learns methods for having clients mentally rehearse new behaviors or emotional responses while in hypnosis. This reinforces the therapy's goals and helps the hypnotist measure progress and refine the therapy based on the client's reactions.

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions: The course would provide techniques for delivering effective post-hypnotic suggestions. These skills can create long-lasting changes in the client, improving the hypnotist's success rate.

Future Pacing: This strategy helps clients visualize and connect with a desired future outcome. This will allow the hypnotist to reinforce the positive effects of therapy and help clients maintain changes in the long term.

Confidence Building: The course would teach methods for boosting the therapist's confidence during sessions, which can lead to more effective and engaging therapies.

Dealing with Resistance: This strategy prepares hypnotists for handling resistance or hesitation from clients. This will make the hypnotist more adept at navigating challenging sessions, ultimately improving their effectiveness.

Ericksonian Language Patterns: Learning this technique would allow hypnotists to use more persuasive language and metaphors, increasing their ability to guide clients into trance and suggest changes.

Assessing Trance Depth: The course would offer methods to assess the depth of a client's hypnotic trance. This knowledge helps hypnotists tailor their approach to the individual, leading to more effective sessions.

Join us:

August 12

12:00 PM - 3:00 pm
Eastern Time (9:00 am Pacific time)

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Bidirectional Hypnosis: The Two-Way Strategy for Deeper Hypnotherapy. Seize this opportunity, register now, and elevate your hypnosis practice, boosting your confidence and client engagement like never before!

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