Coaching Coaches, Authors, and Therapists Who Want to Thrive While Helping Others

How To Start, Build, and Scale Your Services so That You Can be the "Go-To" Person in your field and attract high-ticket clients.

Most of us were trained in helping others, but few of us were trained in how to turn that skill into a business.
I can show you how to take a your expertise and book committed long-term clients who are happy to pay you to help them. 

My goal it to teach you the same skills I have used to start my business, run my business, and scale my business as an author, life-coach, professional hypnotist and licensed therapist.

Do you have an ideal client you wish you were reaching?

 Do you want ideal clients? By ideal clients I mean clients you are an expert in helping and clients who are self-motivated and willing to invest in their own success. Many years ago I learned to run my therapy and coaching practice like a business. The result? I help clients make lasting change, but I live my lifestyle like a CEO not like an underpaid therapist. Do you want to learn these skills? The business mindset you never got in your coaching or therapy training?
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You expect your clients to hire a professional...

When clients have a problem, you have a therapeutic solution you can provide. It makes sense for them to seek out a therapist and pay a professional. Likewise, why would you try to do it yourself, one more time? Hire an expert digital marketer and model the same behavior you expect from your clients. Just like them, you will have the same level of success.

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Professional Marketing Tools 

Potential clients are looking for you. But more importantly than just helping them find you, I will create a way for you to know who visits your webpage, and open communication with potential clients so you have an opportunity to earn their business.

Integrated opt-ins, email list building, and autoresponders.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) so you can be discovered.

Professionally crafted lead magnets to provide real value to people needing help. By giving first, you create the reciprocity for them to give you a booking.

WordPress is the technology leader for a reason. We build in WordPress only, with premium themes, and up to date ecommerce and marketing solutions.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) so you can be discovered.

Pay as you grow

The new OptimizePress Builder combines simplicity of a visual editing interface, with the power of supercharged marketing integrations to power your campaigns

The DIY Plan


Single Session

75 minutes of coaching
You will be given actionable ideas you can use right away
Perfect for the person who wants the "inside secrets" but wants to do the work themselves
Schedule on an "as-needed" basis
Perfect for authors, coaches, and therapists.

Package available for a limited time

Best Value

Do-It-With-You Plan


Charged monthly for four months

Two monthly meetings to strategize, create, and get your business on track.
Help with both the business, and the techniques of helping.
Private email support between sessions (ten per month).
Four months of planned action strategies 
Develop your long-term plan.

Package available for a limited time

Do-It-For-You Plan


Starting Investment of $4999. 

Ten individual coaching sessions in the next six months.
Development of sales funnel, lead magnets, and website.
Full engagement in your project from start to finish.
I will become your resource for taking massive action.
Set up and training in the same processes and systems I use to create success

Package available for a limited time

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

Your investment will be individually determined. No two websites are the same. For a starterwebsite that will give you the platform to grow, it will be one price (typically beginning at $1200). For another site, with membership modules, and multiple built out pages, or to convert an existing site into another, it will be a different price ($1800-$2900 is our average build out).

What are my additional expenses?

You will need to purchase licenses for the software I use to create your site and hosting. Hosting and software licenses are not included in my fees and you will buy these directly.  Expect this to be $400-600 annually, or about $40-50 a month on average. 

Can I build this in modules?

Yes. You could start with a basic website, then add features over time as you are ready. The sites I build are scalable and will pass the test of time for your business growth. You can have my team do the work, and then do some yourself or have others do the work.

I want to use different themes, hosting, and tools than you have proposed...

Then we are probaly not a good fit. The tools I recommend are based on my expertise in digital marketing. I want you to be a success, and so I only build with the recommendations I made. Upwork.com is a good place to find outsourcers to do the work with a different approach.

What about domain names?

If you have a domain name, that is great! If you don't, you can buy one at GoDaddy.com. Simply decline all the upsells as you go through the registration process. If you don't have a domain name, that is fine, we can still build your site now and attach a domain name easily at the end of the project. I can help you find a good one for your site.

Nongard goes far beyond just web design...

“ After my consult with Dr. Nongard, I was convinced he knew me and what it is I do. My previous web designers did not. He knew who my audience was and what they needed, and it went beyond web design. Marketing, Re-designing my booking calendar, email lists, payment systems, trainings and workshop I offer, and helping me build an online service and training business that can scale. He automated it down to simplicity from my individual systems that didn’t speak to each other. My website paid for itself in less than 3 days after going live. Literally the best money I’ve ever spent. This guy knows his stuff as he lives and breathes it.” 

Pete Bernard

The 8th Fire

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A leading expert in therapy & author marketing
Dr. Richard Nongard

Dr. Richard Nongard

Therapist and Expert Web Designer

I am a well known therapist who has written numerous books about counseling, therapy, leadership, and clinical hypnotherapy. My business books have been endorsed by worldwide leaders. I bring my expertise in business and marketing along with my clinical expertise to craft a custom website for your business that will help you thrive. I only accept a handful of web design clients each month. I find that the creativity of design is a relaxing break from the work of therapy. 

Some of the many pages I have built.

Stunningly beautiful websites that are designed to convert visitors to appointments.

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