Build Your Brand, Your Business, and Your Long-Term Success!

Have you wished you knew the step-by-step methods of low-budget marketing with big success, and how to attract customers both online and in the real-world? 

I want to teach you exactly how I have created massive online success.
Then join this Nine week workshop with me. Class limited to 24 participants so we can apply specific solutions to your goals.
Online class begins Monday, December 6 at 6pm Pacific time (9pm Eastern) and continues through February 7, 2022.

You can split your payment into four equal monthly payments by clicking here.

Last Time I got a Paycheck was 1994!

I have built thriving therapy private practices, become a bestselling author and publisher, and I have even owned a couple of restaurants. My business experience spans decades, and I want to guide you into success at every level with your business both online and offline.
In addition to my clinical skills, and my self-taught business successes, I am finishing my M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) in 2022. That means the skills you are learning are proven methods, based on the theory of business in a practical application.

You will learn EXACTLY what I actually do. It will be like having an internship with me.

What You'll Learn In This Nine Week Workshop

My tutorials will show you step-by-step how to use pro tools and build your own success. Class begins Monday, December 6, 2021 at 5pm Pacific time and continues through February 7, 2022. Class is at 9:00pm Eastern Time (Sessions are recorded if you miss any).

You can split your payment into four equal monthly payments by clicking here.

Dr. Richard Nongard, LMFT
(Currently completing my M.B.A.)

The correct way to engage social media for big results.

Using funnels, lead magnets, and collecting emails.

How online advertising works to generate profitable return on investment and not eat up your whole budget.

How to create website engagement, promotions, opt-ins, and build a marketing list. This keeps marketing costs low with big rewards.

How to create lead magnets, webinars, and both short and long classes to sell to other people.

You will learn what pro-tools I use, and what should you use to build your online business platforms.

Specific Instructions to use in YOUR business.

How to build pages like this yourself, just like this page.

Within the first two days of launching my new online program, I had 12 full-price participants. Richard has helped me create success since the beginning of my practice, and recently with launching my new book that was endorsed by Bernie Siegel, M.D.  His expertise and coaching has transformed how I deliver hypnotherapy and coaching services in a pandemic, and how to create long-term success in my business.

James M. Vera

Private Practice Hypnotherapist and Author

This is your opportunity in 2021-2022:

Do you want to create a new online business or scale your existing online business in 2022?

I had my first online sale in 1999. For two decades I have been building a business, creating a brand, and selling both products and services online. I can help you create success. Almost every day I see coaches, therapists, authors, entrepreneurs, and content creators flailing about with ineffective campaigns. Some of these are attempts are based on advice or courses created by people who have not actually had the real work experience of creating an online business, other than creating online businesses, and the results in many cases can actually become self-defeating.

The 2022 Online Business Mastermind

It is for those who want to reach to top levels of success. It is 10 weeks of online Zoom coaching in a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs. This is not a class. It is a Mastermind group. I will share with you the exact methods I use to run my business, the technology tools, the psychological principles of success, and I will show you in a series of tutorials, resources, and trainings how you can build your own success. Our zoom meetings will be focused, hand-on, and filled with practical demonstrations and troubleshooting so that your goals can become a reality in 2022. There will be no wasted time or lost tangents not related to your success.

Do you have a book or class to promote or a series of books or trainings that you want to use to create a brand? 

Do you have a service like coaching or consulting that you want to move online in 2022 with individual clients or business clients? Is there a product you resell or you have created that you want to get publicity, press, and attention to grow your brand? Do you need to know the how-tos of building websites that are more than an electronic brochure and actually attract new clients and customers? Do you want to learn how to take millions of social media page views (like I have done) and translate that into clients, product sales, readers, or registrations? Then register for this event.

Creating an effective business, marketing plan, and social engagement is not easy. It has to be done correctly.

There are three things that will drive your success: Community, culture, and identity. Without these three elements, you cannot create success. “Build it and they will come!” is only true in Hollywood. It takes time and effort to build a powerhouse online business, and you have to know the step-by-step methods for actually doing it. You have to know the technology, the timing, and the techniques of engagement.

**  Note ** In this course Richard will be demonstrating pro tools marketers use. These include Optimize Press 3.0, Aweber, wordpress, and other optin-tools, gravity forms, etc.. These are not required, you could use something else, and the same strategies would apply. But you will probaly want to purchase license for these tools so you can follow along exactly as Richard uses them, and the average start cost is $100 on the low end and possibly up to $300 additional on the high end depending on what you decide you want to add to your toolbox. 

The result: 

For me it has been 20+ years of online personal, financial, and business success. Do you want to duplicate my results? My online business master-mind group is for those serious about learning the insider methods that successful entrepreneurs use to build and scale online business success. It really does not matter if you are an author, coach, therapist, pizza restaurant, or are selling products or services. The methods I use have scaled in many different entrepreneurial ventures, and I will show you step-by-step exactly what I do and how I do it. 

I will show you exactly what I do and you can duplicate my success.

You can split your payment into four equal monthly payments by clicking here.

This Course is Limited to 24 Participants - Register Today!
December 6, 2021 through February 7, 2022 on Mondays at 9pm EASTERN time.


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