ACT Therapy and Hypnosis

ACT Therapy is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and it is an evidence-based approach to helping people make lasting change. Thousands of journal articles show it is an effective tool for emotional difficulty, anxiety relief, and behavioral change. Here is the thing, anyone who studies ACT Therapy will quickly realize almost all of the techniques long pre-date the invention of modern psychotherapy and are based largely in hypnotic and meditation techniques.

For many hypnotists, learning ACT Therapy techniques provides a new set of strategies for helping clients resolve problems. It differs from approaches that look for “the cause” and instead works by helping a client live their best life right now, despite prior difficulties and trauma. For this reason alone, it is a great tool for trauma resolution.

Does it sound interesting? I created a short training video you can watch, that shares some of the core ideas in ACT Therapy and how hypnotists can reclaim these ideas and use them to help clients make lasting change. Enjoy this presentation!

Do you want to learn ACT Therapy in an in-depth online training program? 

Join me for the HPTI 12-week ACT Immersion Course. It begins next month. You can get full access to over 30 tutorials, 12 live Zoom practice sessions, and many other resources by joining us next month. Here is the link to register and get your spot in this in-depth training course.

The cool thing about ACT?

 Like Eriksonian hypnotherapy, it recognizes the value of metaphor. Do you want scripts for healing metaphors you can bring to hypnotherapy? Take this training! Do you enjoy having multiple interactive techniques so hypnosis is not simply you talking to someone with closed eyes? Then you are going to want to take this course.

You can get all the details on this new HPTI course by clicking the image below.
All participants in this course will earn an ICBCH/HPTI Certificate of Completion and 36 hours of continuing education credit.