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Are you ready to take your hypnotherapy practice to new heights? Did you know that the foundations of NLP came in large part not only from Milton Erickson, but also from Gestalt Therapy and the ideas of Fritz Perls? Discover how the powerful techniques of Gestalt therapy can revolutionize your hypnotherapy sessions, helping your clients achieve lasting change and personal growth.

I was fortunate that, when I first started doing hypnotherapy in the 1980s in substance abuse treatment settings, Gestalt therapy was a primary approach in both our group and individual therapy sessions. People often ask me, “How did you learn to be an expert hypnotist?” The answer, in large part, is that I had a strong background in Gestalt therapy, which NLP modeled in the early days.

Do you want to:

Expand your skillset and toolbox?
Offer your clients more effective and transformative sessions?
Stand out in a competitive market?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, our one-of-a-kind
Gestalt-Based Hypnotherapy Training Course is for you!

Earn an ICBCH Certificate of Completion in
Gestalt - Based Hypnosis!

This online and comprehensive training course combines the best of both worlds – the potent techniques of Gestalt therapy and the power of hypnosis – to equip you with the most effective tools for your practice. Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn:

How to integrate key Gestalt techniques like the Empty Chair, Exaggeration, and Role-playing into your hypnotherapy sessions
Methods to enhance your clients' self-awareness and personal responsibility through Gestalt principles
Ways to use the Here and Now, the Paradoxical Theory of Change, and the Phenomenological Method to create lasting transformations
Strategies for addressing Unfinished Business and helping clients integrate their experiences for a balanced, fulfilling life
The importance of Responsibility and Contact in creating genuine connections and empowering your clients

In this online course, each of these methods is explained, you will learn at home with video based demonstrations, and you will get printable scripts you can adapt into any hypnosis session!

Create an Impact in Your Hypnosis Sessions

Imagine the impact you'll make on your clients' lives when you combine the transformative power of Gestalt therapy with your hypnotherapy expertise.

By mastering these skills, you'll be able to:

Help clients achieve breakthroughs in personal growth and self-awareness

Offer more comprehensive, holistic treatments that address clients' mental, emotional, and physical

Attract more clients and gain a competitive edge in the market

Enhance your reputation as a skilled, well-rounded hypnotherapist

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What is in this course?

Eight video training modules with Dr. Richard Nongard
Multiple scripts you can save and print and use as a guide in your next session
Role-playing examples of some of the Gestalt methods in action
Printable course manual with for better understanding
An ICBCH Certificate of Completion

By completing this training course, you will gain the skills you need to revolutionize your hypnotherapy practice and help your clients experience transformative change.
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