The Six-Hypnotic Techniques that Move Your Clients From Stuckness to Lifelong Change in Hypnotherapy

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Parts Work for Deeper Healing in Hypnosis


17+ Video Tutorials and over eight hours of Zoom replays from our last live class.
You get 100% of the course content delivered right now with 24/7 access.

Explanations, demonstrations, applications, and real-world practice so you can take specific action with your clients.
Our motto: “Just say ‘NO!’ to Boring Zooms.” Every session was planned and structured. No wasted time.
18 Hours of Approved Continuing Education and an ICBCH Certificate of Completion.
Access real-time or access the replays 24/7.
Experiential learning helps you apply what you learn in your own life as you prepare to transform the lives of others.

This Offer Is Not Available Anywhere Else!

Do you want to develop deeper connections, meaningful rapport, and create interventions with clients that you can also benefit from in your own life?

Without a doubt, Parts Therapy has been one of the major approaches in NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Counseling. But the chances of your training covering the practical techniques that you can use with your clients didn’t dive deeper than a few discussions of this important work or sharing a broad metaphor. Perhaps all the discussion of Parts Therapy has caused you to wish you knew more about it.

If you ever felt that a part of you longed for a more meaningful way to reconcile your clients’ past experiences with their present needs, you will want to join this six-week online training with Dr. Richard Nongard.

This course will begin immediately when you register with an online assessment of your own personality so that you can apply the learnings in a personal way. When we practice the principles of effective transformation in our own life, we become more effective when working with clients.

Parts Therapy, Ego State Therapy, IFS and other related modalities are an empowering approaches for reconciling needs and wants, past and present, and the dialog we carry in our own minds and what we actually believe about ourselves. You will learn how the techniques that produce lasting change by using parts therapy in hypnosis.

Check Out the Content in Just the Tutorials Alone!
Additional content in the Zoom replays and the handouts and the multiple script files.

Tutorial 1:

Id, Ego, and Super-Ego

Tutorial 2:

Transactional Analysis

Tutorial 3:

Internal Family Systems

Tutorial 4:

Dr. Richard Nongard Model

Tutorial 5:

Trauma, ACES, and PTS

Tutorial 6:


Tutorial 7:

Ego-State Therapy

Tutorial 8:

Non-Hypnotic Access

Tutorial 9:

Five Conversational Methods

Tutorial 10:

Scripting for Multiple Parts

Tutorial 11:

Dichotomous Technique

Tutorial 12:

The Path Meditation

Tutorial 13:

Carl Jung

Tutorial 14:


Tutorial 15:

Archetypes II

Tutorial 16:

Shadow Work

Tutorial 17:

Eliciting New Parts

These approaches are used to help clients in many ways:

Discovery of subpersonalities, executive functioning, and resources states
Parts therapy and IFS can be keys to trauma recovery
Ego-State Therapy is used with clients who have had post-traumatic stress
Parts Therapy can effectively modify behavior and habits
It is useful for self-discovery, finding purpose, and developing gratitude.

This Offer Is Not Available Anywhere Else!

The approaches in this class will be taught, demonstrated, and shared in highly practical ways.

Dr. Richard Nongard - Instructor

They can help you answer the questions, “How do I structure multi-session interventions?” and, “How can I solve complex problems in hypnosis?” These techniques can help counter trauma, overwhelm, and stress.

The best part? Not only do these techniques work for self-discovery and personal transformation, but they help clients in traditional therapy move beyond the problem and find solutions. You will discover your own resourceful parts as you learn how to help clients heal through Parts Therapy. It is also a powerful tool in coaching and performance enhancement. I use these strategies in academic performance to help the part that wants to successfully take action congruent with A-level performance.
I use these techniques in my business coaching to help leaders tap into the part of them that can move beyond doubt or fear and into embracing success and abundance.

You have heard others recommend parts therapy for just about every issue. But do you really know how to do a complete session, start to finish, using the strategies of parts therapy? By taking this course you will be on the path to more successful sessions, more meaningful sessions, and even more interesting sessions.

This course is value-packed and will provide:

Six weeks of well-structured Zoom practice and learning REPLAYS. (There are no live Zoom classes scheduled with this course.)

Six weeks of short video tutorials teaching the essential elements of parts therapy, ego-state therapy, and IFS.

Multiple handouts, SOPs, and printable guides and scripts that can help you structure your sessions in the most effective way.

This class is perfect for those who do in-person or online hypnosis sessions. It is perfect for those working from a therapeutic or a coaching perspective. The class is perfect for those with a strong curiosity for interventions that create change.

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