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A lot of my students ask "How do I increase the numbers in my practice?"
"How to I attract self-motivated and self-paying clients?" and "How do I work at a deeper level with clients so that the change lasts forever?"
 I want to share my answers with you in this FREE training...

Discover how easy it is to set up a business  helping others achieve their goals at the same time –  This FREE online training can be a game changer for your hypnosis, NLP, or therapy practice!

This is full access to the replay of the August class. You get all 90 minutes of training, the downloadable handouts, and the transcripts of the entire event.

Taught by Expert Life Coach
Dr. Richard Nongard

Like many others, I have been doing more online hypnosis, and online NLP sessions than ever before. But there is a difference between now and previous years...

My clients are now seeing me for different reasons that they used to, and they pay me more money.

My clients are highly motivated and self-pay in advance online.

My clients are seeing me for packages and multiple sessions and the results are phenomenal. The change? Even though I have been a certified life coach for more than a decade, I am leading with life coaching services rather than hypnosis or therapy, and the results are amazing. 

I want to share with you the methods I am actually using, my strategies for attracting new clients, and the way I structure my sessions.

These are actionable strategies you can use immediately following this free online learning experience. Are you in? It won't cost you a dime....

Here's What You'll Learn During this Free Training:

How life coaching can take simple hypnosis services and create a deeper experience with better results. 
How to discover coaching clients that want what you have to offer and are willing to pay for those expert services.
How to use the life coaching "scope of practice" to avoid battles with other professions and create collaboration that can result in referrals.
How to sell packages of services so that both you and your clients benefit from a  longer helping relationship.
I will share with you my model of life coaching, the same set of strategies I use start to finish with my clients, to get awesome results in both personal and executive coaching.

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Access the full 90-minute replay and the downloadable handouts!


Reserve Your Spot
on the Online Training 

Access The Full Replay of this
90-Minute Training